Sunday, April 1, 2007


Well, it has been an exciting and eventful past few days. Last update was Thursday... Thursday evening, well, I finally found the courage to sit on a stool in front of about ten people, all under the age of maybe 18, and play two of my songs. That's right, I went to an open mic. It's funny: I can have holes drilled into my back and have chemicals pumped into my body no sweat. I just can't sing in front of people. I guess it went OK... I dropped my pick midway through my second song, but I just kept strumming away with my finger. So now I guess the next thing to do is go to another open mic. And not drop my pick. I'm sure the more I sing in front of people, the more comfortable I will become with it. So that was Thursday. Friday, I worked again at the Arboretum; more price-tagging, more fun times. And then Saturday was the really exciting day for me. I went to a concert! It was a benefit for a foundation called Ustorm. Basically, it was like a jam band Super group. There were at least 10 musicians playing together from various jam bands. It was absolutely fantastic. And as an added personal bonus, I got multiple compliments on my knitted hat. I was also somewhat creepily hit on by a guy who looked about 30, but I shifted away from him to dance with someone closer to my age. So I'm not invisible after all! At least to guys who have been drinking steadily for at least the past four hours... Eh.

But anyway, so that was my weekend. I apologize for really not having any cancer updates. I've been feeling great. Oh, I guess I overheated during the concert, which probably wouldn't have happened otherwise... It was pretty hot and crowded, but I got some water and was much better. And now I am just spending today eating and resting. Tomorrow, I go back in to the hospital. I am not looking forward to it, but at least I have some good memories to take with me. I also have the prospect of Boston in Less Than Two Weeks! Woo! Haha, so I'm happy. As always, peace out.


Jessica said...

Caroline!!!! I always drop my fact I can't remember a time I haven't dropped my pic mid-song and kept going....that's why I stopped using one. Good for you girl! Way to balls up, and it does get easier every time (which I'm sure you know).
Have a great time in Boston!! Say hi to Grill'ems (& co.)for me if you get a chance.
Oh and eat some clam chowder too.
Rock on and keep it sexy ;)

kev-kev said...



p.s. i want 'cho autograph

Megan Amanda Steffen said...


So Katie and I haven't decided which bed you're going to sleep in, aka which one of us is going to live with our boyfriends for the weekend. However, judging by our recent trends, it may just end up being you, all by ourself in that big brownstone room...although probably not.

What I'm trying to say here is that things are very fluid.

Justin Hook said...

That's awesome about the open mic, Caroline. I've never performed sung and played alone in front of people before, but doing it with a duo was pretty much the most nerve-wracking experience of my life. So mad props to you.

J-Glass said...

I wrote a script in my sophomore year of high school in film studies about this band who just got started out. their first show went pretty horribly, and the guitarist dropped his pick.

I'm happy you dropped your pick and still managed to continue playing, you did much better than my fictional band Altitude (ALTernative rock with an atTITUDE). Man I was a clever sophomore.