Saturday, April 7, 2007

At least I have a Fruit Roll-Up

Not a whole lot else is working out for me right now. I am still in the hospital, and I won't be going home until at least tomorrow. There is still a significant amount of methotrexate (the chemo drug) in my system, so I'm not allowed home yet. My kidneys are taking their sweet time in processing this drug. The two other times I've been in the hospital for this treatment, I cleared the drug by Thursday evening. But my doctors upped my dosage this week, which is causing all sorts of issues, not least least of which is that I'm still here. Because they increased the amount of chemo I was getting at one time, my kidneys pretty much went into overload. My doctor told me that my poor little kidneys couldn't process all of the methotrexate that was being pumped through them. Their going on overload caused some of the blood urea in my kidneys to crystallize, further slowing down all kidney processes. (I'm not exactly sure what blood urea is or does, but it's related to kidney functioning. It can also crystallize.) It's not a big deal that my kidneys are slightly compromised. I am 20, and this is something I will get over in the next few days. If I was 70, then we would have a problem on our hands. But I'm not, and instead, it's just an inconvenience.

I wish I could say I was taking this all nobly and with a maturity beyond my years, but really, I'm super pissed. First off, I am supposed to fly to Boston in six days. Six! If anything happens to me to where I can't go, I really don't know what I'll do with myself. As of now, I should still be discharged tomorrow, and there is no reason why I won't be flying to Boston. But really, you never know... And the other thing is that --feel free to insert judgment here-- I was supposed to go on a date tonight. Okay, maybe not a date necessarily, but I met someone at a concert last week, he called me back on Wednesday, and we were supposed to hang out tonight. And clearly, I can't do that now. He actually just called me, and I had to tell him I'm sick and can't meet up. I suppose technically I am sick, but I'm not lying in bed at home with a violent cold. Bah. Haha, and here I was, all excited about finally meeting some people my age around here. Hopefully we'll meet up sometime later in the week when I'm feeling (ahem) better. Other than that, everything is going alright. My back is very slowly getting better. But it is also taking its sweet time in healing. Again, oh well. These are all things I really have no control over. I just have to sit back and wait. Eventually I'll be okay again. And in Six Days I'll be in Boston! Woo! Peace.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Yeah, i was just thinking that you should probably tell me when you're coming in so I can figure out the bedding sitch and stuff...send me an email with your flight number.

Also, I maybe think that kidney crystallization is perhaps a better excuse for not going on a date than a violent cold. These are just my thoughts.