Friday, April 6, 2007

What a Good Friday.

For those of you who aren't Catholic or just don't care, today is Good Friday, i.e., the day on which Jesus dies. I missed His birthday because I was in the hospital, and now I'm missing His funeral as well. Hopefully, though, I won't miss His resurrection on Sunday. (Disclaimer: I am really not that good a Catholic; I just think it's mildly amusing that I have been hospitalized on all the major Catholic holidays this year.) I also gave up chocolate for Lent, so on Sunday I will be able, once again, to nibble the ears off all the unhappy little chocolate bunnies hopping around. They have no idea what is coming.

In other news, not much has really been happening here. I am still in the hospital. My current life isn't exactly rife with excitement. As of right now, I am not sure if I will be released today, but I'm hoping I will be. Yesterday, I literally lay in bed all day. My back. Has been. Destroyed. I don't know why, but for some reason, this most recent lumbar puncture has caused my back to cramp up. Your back is another one of those things you don't realize how dependent you are on it until it becomes incapacitated. It has become difficult for me to sit without any support because it hurts too much to try and hold myself up. I hate that I'm always lying down when the nurses come in. I'm sure they get tired of seeing sick people lying in bed all day, but at this point it's hard not to. Oh well. The only thing to do is just stick it out, I suppose. The cramps should go away soon. Other than that, there were no cancer cells in my spinal fluid, which is always good. Everything seems to be on track and going well. So now let's just get me home! Woo!


Megan Amanda Steffen said...

First of all, I hope someone linked you to this:

...which I just realized you won't be able to watch until after you're discharged. Forget you, UofC network blockers.

Second of all, it is really funny that you've been hospitalized during all the major Catholic holidays this year. Dang.

Third of all, eat some chocolate bunnies for me. Because I don't have any question mark? Maybe I will go buy some...although I feel like I spent all my gratuitous chocolate buying money on the T today. Forget you, T. Forget you.

Jessica said...

Two more days till chocolate!!! This year (as every year) I gave up peanut butter. I'm a really great Catholic ;) not. Good for you have some will power, I tell ya.
I hope you're keeping up with your yoga! A creepy old Indian man will hunt you down and whip you into shape....?!?
until next time miss britches.