Saturday, March 24, 2007

Has it been three days?

I always feel a little sad when I see no new comments on my posts. Just a little. I have, once again, returned home from the hospital. Apparently I'm stellar and cleared the chemo faster than the doctors expected, so they sent me home yesterday. I'm still waiting for my ears to stop ringing. One of the things about the hospital is that it is never quiet. I am hooked up to a hydration pump the entire time I'm there, which is loud. But there are also nurses and air vents and carts and people crying out in pain during their biopsies... I always come home and am shocked by how quiet my house is. Right now, for instance, there are no sounds in my house. Okay, my fridge just turned on, but that's about it. So my ears are taking their sweet time in readjusting to the lack of sound.

Speaking of ringing, I went for a bike ride yesterday, and some seriously funky things happened to my head. My ears felt like they were blocked (similar to when an airplane takes off), my hearing became messed up, and I felt a really strange pressure in my head. My theory is that this was all due to the fact that my blood counts are still substantially low. My red blood cell counts are hanging around 9.5, with the normal being around 15. So, I guess there wasn't enough oxygen reaching my brain when I was biking. I don't think it's necessarily damaging, but maybe I'll hold off on the extreme cardio activity for a while. I still don't understand how I lived like this for a good part of last semester. I guess I'm lucky I didn't pass out in the middle of the street or something.

And finally, in an unprecedented turn of events, in which my body has essentially given cancer and chemotherapy the finger, my hair has started to grow back. Yes, that's right. Even though my body is in the throes of chemical destruction, my hair follicles have decided to cut their own path and strengthen up, allowing hair to grow back. (Chemo causes hair loss because it actually weakens hair follicles.) So now my head is fuzzy. I am excited. That is all. Have a good weekend! Pax.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Yay your blog works on my computer again!!!!!

The question, however, is what color is this fuzz? Because if it's blond fuzz, I think you should not freak out and dye it brown like you were saying. You should dye it red.

Also: Walfisch says, "Why does your facebook say you were at the Decemberists?!" Walfisch is funny.