Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is just full of quid pro quos.

Yesterday I was in a rather foul mood. I knew it would probably be gone by today though, and it was. Even though I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, I still felt better this morning. However, today is the day of chemo domination. They started me on the sodium bicarbonate IV this morning to raise my pH levels. The pills started around 7:30 am, with the chemo pre-meds coming around 9 am. 9:45 a doctor walked in, said hello, and told me they were going to do the lumbar puncture now. This was unexpected; I had been told it was scheduled for 11 am. But they came in with their needles and numbing serum. Thank God though, this one went so much better than the last one. My spine and hips were correctly aligned, and there was minimum pain. After that, my nurse came in with my IV chemos. Vincristine, over 15 minutes, and then the methotrexate, over three hours. After the vincristine, I started feeling physically terrible. About ten minutes into the methotrexate, yes, I got sick. I figure there were just too many drugs being pumped into me in too quick succession. It was an overload for my already tired body. So I threw up, and it was pretty gross. Kind of a pleasant, bright yellow hue. It was a bit of a shock when I realized that I was essentially looking at what happens when my body digests drugs. It was such an unnatural color... Once again, I was reminded of the toxicity of the masses of chemicals that are being pumped into my body. Aaah, good times.

So now I'm just relaxing, recovering. I've already taken a solid nap. I will probably take another. And other than that, my mentality is much better today. So I can deal with the sickness and all that. I'm not going to put up with having two negatives taking over my life. I can deal with only one bad thing at a time. And it's so much easier to deal with the physical illnesses when my outlook is positive. I suppose that makes sense though. Alright, back to chillin'. Peace.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Mmm, stomach acid.

I know you weren't there, but this reminds me of a story. At the end of the summer, Gary got really drunk one night and then felt shitty in the morning. He was like, "My stomach hurts," and we were like, "Walk it off, you're hungover." But then it continued to hurt, and he continued to not be able to throw up and make it stop hurting and finally Andy took him to the hospital. Turns out his gallbladder had like, exploded or something, so two days before he was supposed to move across the country to Berkeley, he had to have surgery and get it removed.

Yeah. So I was just thinking about that, and about stomach acid, and then about bile, because now that he doesn't have a gallbladder he just has bile all the time! Which is probably the most satisfying phrase to say out loud in a cheery voice.

I've got bile, bile all the time!

(Happy Tuesday!)