Monday, June 11, 2007

Some songs always remind me of the roller rink.

I'm not sure why, but there are a few distinct tunes that always take me back to ten years old and skating underneath flashing lights, on scuffed wood floors, always in a circle -- except, of course, when you occasionally "Change Direction!" I just heard one of those songs during a commercial. And I thought I'd share.

So, I haven't written the past few days, possibly because I wrote a lot last week, mostly because nothing noteworthy happened. My white blood cells haven't show any growth, although my red ones are holding steady, which is good. Today, however, held a few surprises. Firstly, the friendly, attractive foreigner returned to my door with the offer of paints. I was lying down reading when he knocked and asked, "Would you like paint today?" I answered, "No, I don't think so...." But he cut me off and said, "It will give you something to do! I'll be back in ten minutes." I'm not sure if he didn't hear me or chose to ignore my feeble protests, but return he did, with paints. And actually, it made me feel better. Also, I named my painting "Bexplosion." It's exciting. The next somewhat amusing part of the day came a few minutes later. My doctor came in and saw that I was painting. To which he noted, "Wow, you're like a machine." He meant that I do a lot of different things to keep myself occupied here, but I was amused nonetheless. Ah, if only he knew the truth. Which is that I really only do about one significant thing a day. Haha. Today, I painted. Tomorrow, perhaps I'll start my novel. (Chuckle). Anyway, so hopefully they'll let me out of here sometime soon. These silly cells. They are so not on top of their game. Maybe they are waiting for the White Sox to start winning consistently... Either way, thinking happy thoughts. Peace.


Megan said...

Having worked in the Geddes Media Center for a semester and having dealt with many, many foreign professors, I feel that I am qualified to say that it may be a characteristic of intelligent foreigners to pretend they don't hear/understand you saying, "No, I won't do what you want" and make you do what they want anyway. That kind of obstinacy becomes endearing after a while, unless of course it results in the moving of heavy objects. Then it is simply inconvenient and potentially injuring.

Happy Tuesday, Caroline's White Blood Cells! It is time to come out and play already!

P&J said...

Caroline - Reading this keeps us closer to you - and that is a good thing. It was great to see you over Alumni Reunion and we hope to see you before you may return to Boston or while you are there. Keep that positive attitude - those white blood cells can't resist.
Warm wishes, Pam and John Buxton

Jessica said...

I love roller rink music!!! The saddle is waiting? That's definately not the title...and that other one...'Round the world or something lame like many memories.
Bexplosion sounds hot.
You must be the most interesting person your doctor has ever met, lol. And you are a machine! a machine you can plug a guitar into and do lots of diverse activities! lol.....I want your blood cells to step up to the plate so you can come to Canada!!!!!!!
muah hugs and kisses