Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick update.

Progress has been made! My white blood cell counts have soared from 0.1 to... 0.2! Spectacular. But sarcasm aside, this is actually a good sign. It means things are starting to get moving in my marrow. And I have even better proof of this: last night, I started getting The Bone Pain. I told my nurse I feel like an old man: "Ooh, my bones. I can feel it in my bones." But once again, this is a good thing. Actually, this is a very good thing. It means my marrow has kicked into overdrive. Hopefully within the next few days I will be out of here. And in the meantime, what's a little pain? Nothing. Also, Tylenol helps much. So thanks to all who have thought happy white blood cell thoughts in my direction.

Otherwise, more waiting. I think I might be getting scurvy due to lack of vitamin C. Not really, but I am becoming desperate for an orange. Soon enough. And until then, enjoy the halfway point of June. Peace out.


kev-kev said...

stoppin by to say hello and catch up on all the recent goings-on in caroline-land, im happy to hear you're feeling a little bit better and that your white blood cells are improving HUZZAH! anyway, can we please jam when we come back to school? im in dire need of jamming with some talented peeps, random thought but it needs to be addressed

Andrew said...

I had The Bone Pain once. I was playing goalie in a little league soccer game and someone stomped on my wrist. After the game I couldn't figure out why it kept hurting. Turns out it was fractured in three places--that's probably why it hurt so much to stop those penalty kicks.

Anyway, yay 100% improvement! Perhaps we can finally liberate some signs when you're back in Boston?