Saturday, June 16, 2007

Death to acid rain.

There was a huge downpour here a few hours ago. Rain was pummeling my window, attacking stranded people, and making large puddles everywhere. Sadly, I could only watch the rain from behind glass, instead of standing in its midst, arms spread and face upturned like a child. Now that the rain has passed, however, I see that watching it from inside was probably the better option. I just looked at my window, and the entire thing is covered in what looks like spots of dust or grime. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be just that: grime left over from where the rain drops dried on my window. Now, I could give the rain the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps my window was dusty, but I am six floors up and doubt my window was that dirty. No, the grime is a result of the smothering grossness in our atmosphere. I can barely see downtown Chicago for all the haze, which is a rather muddy brown color. The rain pulled down the pollution and deposited it on my window. And, I can only assume, deposited it everywhere else as well. So thank you, Industrial Age, for making my world a little browner.

Stepping away from this week's Environmental Rant, life is pretty much the same in the hospital. My white blood cells are still acting sluggish, although everything else is doing well, which is good. My weight continues to fall as my appetite continues to not exist. Since I started chemo way back in December, I think I've lost about 25 pounds. That's a lot of pounds, and honestly, I'm not sure where I lost it from. I guess my hair counted for some... But my actual stomach organ (not my gut) has definitely shrunk. To illustrate, Progresso soups have these blue microwaveable soups that are delicious. The vegetable soup is two cups total, about 160 calories. I had one for dinner last night, and I felt sick about 3/4 of the way through. I made myself finish it because I knew I needed the nutrients, but it was difficult. It's kind of depressing that I couldn't even finish 160 calories worth of soup. So that's what it's like to not be able to eat. And I hate it because I usually love food. Oh well, soon enough I'll be able to eat pork chops and potatoes and broccoli and milk again, all in the same meal. Until then, it's Corn Pops for dinner for me! Happy splatterday. Peace.

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When you get back to Boston in September, we have to go to this exhibit:

Because I was just there on Friday and I was like, omfg, Caroline has to see this, and I ALMOST BOUGHT YOU THE BOOK IT WAS THAT AWESOME, but then Andy told me that it would be better to just take you there since it's up till the 30 of September. I will make a museum connoisseur our of you yet!