Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hi, I'm back. Gosh, I've been so busy these past few days, I haven't had any time to update the (b)log! I'm actually only half kidding. Yesterday though, I went to a concert! There's nothing better than smoking drunkards dancing to some out-of-this-world guitar jamming. I did have a good time though. And when people get too close to me, you'd better believe I start throwing 'bows.

Anywhoo, the relevant part of all of this is that, somewhere between the walking around Wrigley Field waiting for the show and "accidentally" punching the kidneys of the 6'5" guy who decided it was polite to stand directly in front of me, I became super tired. I ended up leaving the concert early, during the encore. And then today I was supposed to go downtown again for an all-day Earth Day music thing, but I decided I couldn't do it. I'm just so exhausted. It's kind of funny because, depending on what type of cancer you have, it's mostly the treatment that destroys you. I know one of the major drugs they give to people with lymphoma is disastrous. Basically, in addition to killing the cancer cells, it also causes major fluid buildup in the lungs, as well as harming the actual lung tissue. The people I've talked to who have been given it told me that it has taken months for them to regain their lung capacity. Apparently Lance Armstrong's doctors were going to give it to him for his testicular cancer, but he refused it because of the damage it would have done to his lungs. So for me, my strength and endurance have been decimated by the chemo. I'm no longer worried about not producing blood because of the cancerous cells in my marrow. Instead, I'm concerned that I don't have enough blood as a result of all the chemo. I mean, never in my right mind would I have passed up an all-day music fest. But I do know it would have been a bad idea for me to go. So instead, I sat outside at home and got happily sunburnt without becoming dehydrated or fatigued. I guess this is also a relatively good excuse to sleep in all the time, in addition to taking the occasional nap. Splendid! Tomorrow I have group, Tuesday is volunteer time, and Wednesday is the biopsy, so it's going to be a busy week for me, this last full week of April. Have a pleasant Monday, and if you don't, call me, and I'll try to cheer you up with inane observations about the world around me. Pax.


kev-kev said...

who played at the concert? you prolly told me before but i'm an idiot and don't remember things, i actually giggled at the "throwin some 'bows" line, niiiiiice

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

kidney punches = clutch

I didn't get the 'bows comment--does that mean I'm out of the club?

And I did have a pleasant Monday because it was 80 degrees. Huzzah!

Jessica said...

Dearest Caroline,
Your observations are always far from inane!
Other comments: Earth Day..pshhhh.
I'm such a biggot. lol.

Keep it rillll homie.
That's right.....I said rillll