Friday, April 27, 2007

so, um...

I'm going on a very mini Vacation! Woo!! Tomorrow, a friend and I are driving back to my high school in Indiana, and we won't be home until Sunday night. I am super excited to be getting away. It is the spring performance of the dance group there, of which I was a member for four years. Good times, and I miss dancing so much. It'll be interesting to watch the performance, as opposed to dancing in it.

Okay, so here's the big news: I finally went on my date-ish. I met up with the guy I met at the concert; we had sushi for dinner, and then we played pool for a while. I haven't smelled this strongly of smoke in I don't know how long. Nothing better than secondhand smoke when you already have one disease. But it was a good time. It was nice to feel normal for a while, even if that feeling was fighting strongly with my self-imposed awkwardness at this being a first official meeting. But he's a super chill guy, so everything ended up being fine. And I only remembered I had cancer once I was back at home. So yay for making local friends. Otherwise, everything's great. I had a good day today; I'm looking forward to a great weekend. Enjoy yours as well. Pax.


Jessica said...

hahaha! A Date-ish! I like those... When your not really sure what's going down, but everything is chill and y'all have a real good time. Good times. Have fun on your mini-tour!

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Yay road trips! Not-so-yay for midwestern sushi...I am just not built for that stuff I guess.

Today we were talking about Andy's sweatshirt that his mom sent him that's from some college we don't recognize and then Andy out of nowhere was like, "Hey Caroline! What's 'ulver'?" and I laughed.

Have fun at 'ulver!