Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey guess what!

This is officially my 101st post. Yesterday's was my One Hundredth post! Woo! That's quite a lot of posting, if I do say so myself. And yet, I have been keeping this thing for over four months. I don't understand how time works. Sometimes it feels like I just left Boston yesterday, and yet, I feel like I've been going through treatment forever. I am halfway finished with the chemo, but September seems so far away. I am not sure if time is moving slowly or quickly, if my days are rushing by or dragging. Both, I suppose. So much has happened to me, but then again, there are no really outstanding days that I can recall. There are hospital weeks and non-hospital weeks. I think I spent most of February sitting in my living room, wrapped up in a blanket and two sweaters. I'm still sitting in my living room, right now, wearing one sweater, but I have left my house today. Subtly, my life has changed. Today I volunteered at my job. I called in and picked up my prescriptions from the pharmacy. Oh yeah, and I also ate a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. So much for not succumbing to eating for comfort's sake. But it was delicious, and I have no regrets. Well, maybe a little bit of regret... Eh, I'll go for a walk tomorrow. But so congratulations (B)log for passing this important benchmark. God only knows what I'll be saying at post 200 and how long it will take me to get there.

Also, I just want to mention for a little bit of shock value, that I was put on a new pill. It's called Valtrex, and it is an anti-viral medicine. Apparently viral infections will be a huge concern for me after I start a new type of chemo this coming week. So this pill: It is bright blue. I have to take it four times a day. I have to take four pills four times a day. I have to take it until I finish my chemotherapy. I have to continue it for six months after I finish treatment. Let's sum up shall we? For the next ten months, I will be taking four pills four times a day. Sixteen bright blue pills. If nothing else has or will test me throughout this adventure, remembering to take all these pills will. I'm thinking I'll buy a watch with a timer and set it to go off every three hours or something. That might work... Well, wish me luck with overcoming my absentmindedness! And do something ridiculous tomorrow. Peace.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

hahahaha. I so thought you were going to go into like a Matrix blue vs. red pill thing for a minute there. Morpheus, YES.

I talked to that dude yesterday. It went ok question mark? I'm so used to interviewing that I forget what it's like to be interviewed.

Also, don't feel too bad about that tub of ice cream; it could be worse. You could have gotten into the habit, as I have, of eating bowls of chocolate chips topped with ice cream (instead of the other way around) every night. My dentist is going to kill me.