Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nothing too much.

Winter has finally arrived in the Midwest. And my house is still a not-quite balmy 65 degrees. I wander the floors or sit in front of my computer or sit in the living room reading or playing guitar while wearing at least two shirts, a sweatshirt, my scarf, a hat, and either shoes or my slippers that look like polar bear feet. (They're sweet. White furry with little black claws. They freak out my mom). I've been trying to make at least one sort of meaningless trip every day, just to get myself out of the house. Shopping for various foodings or today we got a rug for the downstairs. Silly, banal living things that I really wish I didn't have to do right now. Basically, I am becoming desperate for other human contact. I think things will get better once I figure out where I can go around here and what there is to do for twenty-somethings on the weekend. But I haven't reached that point yet. Blah. Aside from that though, I'm just doing my thing. I'm getting better at taking the stairs two at a time, so that's exciting. But I still get tired by standing or walking for long periods of time. My mom and I went to Costco today, and that was like a triathalon. Between lifting the pounds of artichokes and pushing the supersized cart and maneuvering between the people who think it's cool to grow roots in the middle of the aisle that comfortably fits two carts when they're on the sides, but they don't quite fit when there's an obstruction, and all the little suburban children who see 20-packs of Gushers and vocally tell their mothers "We're getting those!"... Well, you get the idea. It's tiring. And consumerism made me lose my appetite. So dinner was cereal and a bagel. And that's what my mind's been dealing with, moving back to the suburbs after being used to living in a city where small children were kept on leashes (I like to think) and if I got thirsty or bored or tired of studying in my room I could walk across the street to a coffeeshop where a very attractive yet coolly distant barista would serve me my chai. He was super hot. Sigh. But anyway, that's about it. Safe travels to everyone who's going back to school this weekend. Blow a kiss to Bay State for me.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

I like small children.

And you should send me a link to a photo website...which means you should make a photo website.