Sunday, January 14, 2007


So, freaking sweet day. The Bears beat the Seahawks! Heck yes! We're going to whomp (hopefully) New Orleans next weekend, and then it's on to Miami. Hahaha, I want to go to the game so badly next weekend, but yeah, pretty sure that's not going to happen. Tickets are either crazy expensive or way sold out. Oh well. It'll be chips and pizza for me next Sunday, plopped in front of my T.V. In other news, I pretty much felt great today. I didn't really do a lot in terms of moving, but meh. My mom and I drove to Milwaukee, Wisc. to drop off my younger brother's stuff at school. Incidentally, parents are allowed to order beer in restaurants for their kids in Milwaukee. Heh heh heh. Mmmm.... That was a welcome discovery. And the food was pretty good too. But yeah. I didn't feel nearly as tired as I've felt the past few days. My headache went away, and I just generally felt normal. Exciting. Otherwise, not much else to report. Tomorrow, we're supposed to have snow! I might have to walk to the park and take pictures or something. yay. Oh yeah, I've been having some seriously weird dreams at night. One night I dreamed my catheter was coming out of my chest, and I was freaking the hell out because I couldn't find a working phone to call my doctor. Another time my mom was yelling at me and I woke up crying. Another time all I can remember is that I drank the most delicious Guinness ever. The jury's still out as to whether or not I'm certifiably nuts or just really weird. Meh, I'll deal.

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