Saturday, January 20, 2007

Apparently it's Rasta night on my jazz station?

Chicago only has one good jazz station (sigh) and tonight, seriously, I think it's Rasta night. Or at least Reggae. Lots of wah pedalin, singing of lovin', dreadlocks, fightin' for freedom mon, Set us free, Oh Lord... I really wanted some mellow jazz to read in bed to. Oh well.

So today I was noodling around online, trying to see if you can find my (b)log by Googling various keywords - I came up short. I did, however, find this one guy's cancer blog. He's got the same thing I do (ALL) and is blogging about it. He was actually diagnosed exactly three months before I was. Cool. Anyway, his blog is pretty funny. He's in San Francisco at UCSF, and it looks like we're getting similar treatments. He has a lot more and longer hospital stays than my plan though and slightly different drugs. Anyway, it was weird reading the words of someone who's going through the same thing I am. Also, this dude has posted pictures of everything. There are pictures of his bone-marrow biopsies, which freaked me out. I looked at them and was just like, "Holy crap, that's scary looking." Because, when they're doing it to you, you don't know what it looks like. The needle is bigger than I thought. He also had pictures of his spinal tap. YAY. I get that in a week. Awesome. The other funny thing is that he wrote that his doctors approved "special brownies" because his painkillers weren't working all that well, and he needed something to keep his spirits up every once in a while. Only in California. Sheesh. If I even mentioned that to my doctors, they'd probably fall over and start twitching on the floor. My doctor freaked out when I told her I was driving by myself. Oh, and hey, is it alright if I consume pot brownies? K, thanks. Haha. But yeah. The other thing it made me realize is that I have been extremely lucky in terms of my reaction to the treatments. Knock on wood I guess, but really, nothing bad has happened to me. I feel back to normal now. I'm going to yoga tomorrow, and I'll probably work out before or after. I'm eating regularly (I had gum today for the first time since December!), and I feel totally healthy. Apparently, in reaction to one of the drugs, this guy's blood started clotting, specifically in his brain, causing severe and long headaches. Thank God, nothing like that has happened to me. And aside from the finger numbness, I've had no lasting or significant side-effects. Haha, I've got cancer, but I'm not sick. I hate telling people that I have cancer, because it sounds so much worse than it is for me. Oh well. I can only pray that my lack of reaction and awesome recoveries from the drugs keep happening these next six months. And I'm sure they will. There will be hell to pay if they don't; I'll be pissed. And on that most pleasant note, I'ma gonna head out for the evening. And by out I mean one foot to my super-comfy bed. Today was a good day. Oh, and I just want to say, in case anyone wasn't sure, Thank You so much to everyone who has offered me support and prayers. I know I'm doing so well partly because of you all and your kind thoughts. I appreciate them so much. And I don't know who all reads this thing now, but I want to hug each and all of you. Thanks for, for some reason unbeknownst to me, returning to my ramblings and for being freaking awesome. Have a spectacular Sunday with me and GO BEARS!


Megan Amanda Steffen said...

When my friend turned 18 the first thing he did was get his license...his medical marijuana license. He and everyone else in the world had "migraines." Hahaha. Only in California.

Also, on a similar medical note, your doctor is bull shitting you about the HPV vaccine. You don't have to be a virgin unless you're in the midwest, apparently. Or at least that's something your insurance company is doing. I went home to Cali and they were handing those out like's almost easier than getting a flu shot (although I still haven't got it yet because I am lazy).

So, yeah. Keep not being sick. Because that's a good thing.

Justin Hook said...

You know, I had something I was going to say here, but then I got distracted by the "word verification" I have ahead of me. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it. Seriously, it's really long and I can't make out what it says. Damnit, this is turning out to be the worst day ever. Just because of that. Glad yours is going better.

Anonymous said...

If you need medical marijuana, I know this great dealer in Clarendon Hills named Howard who works out of a sandwich shop. Oh wait, never mind, you know him already. So glad to hear you're feeling better; you Canadians make tough broads. Your blog is great. Add journalism as a prospective career to your photojournalism aspirations.
Best Regards,
Bruce Vierck
P.S. I take offense at your obvious disgust at people twice your age at health clubs.

Anonymous said...

well, DA BEARS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!! that had to be said