Monday, January 15, 2007

It's schnowing!

Well, it snowed all day. And it made me happy. You know what else made me happy? Today, I went to the gym. I didn't really do much. I went to an hour yoga class, which was great actually. I could do just about everything, and I felt all stretchy and good afterwards. And then I hopped on a treadmill, all excited about my good health. I did about a minute walk to warm up, and then I upped the speed. I got to about a nine-minute mile and ran for like two minutes. Haha. And then I hit the glaring red PAUSE button, struggling to breathe as I was pretty sure I was going to die. Awesome! The trainer actually came over to me and was like, "Are you okay?" I answered, "yeah, I was in the hospital for three weeks. I'm out of shape." He told me that I need to start easy and "let it come back to you." I wanted to tell him to please, "Bite me, I just wanted to see if my legs even remembered how to run." Needless to say, I was angry, mostly with myself, for showing just how weak I've become. Then I walked for ten minutes. haha, walk it off. But I felt great after I'd gotten my breath back. Woo! I can kind of run! Anyway though, I got a gym membership. I've got a meeting set up with a trainer on Wednesday to figure out some sort of workout. I don't really need it, but it's free when you sign up, so, meh, why not. I'm excited to start getting back in shape.

I also went for a walk in the snow today with my camera. I put some of my pictures up on Facebook. It felt great to be walking around outside, in the snow, with my camera. As of now, I feel pretty much back to normal. As in, no pain, no nausea, appetite's normal, energy's high, strength is high, all that fantastic stuff that usually means you're healthy and most people just completely take for granted. Heck yes. Cancer: you can kiss my skinny butt. The only sad thing is that BU starts class tomorrow. I guess most people are sad because they have to go to class. I'm sad because I'm not. But, best not to think too much about it. I'll be back sooner than it seems. Woo. Let's go, Tuesday!

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