Sunday, January 21, 2007


Bears won! In case you hadn't heard. The Chicago Bears are going to the SuperBowl! If anyone has a couple of tickets lying around that they can't use, let me know. I sat in front of a tv today-with frequent breaks upstairs, some longer than others-watching football for roughly seven hours. I despise myself just a little bit. But that feeling is pretty much overshadowed by my excitement that the Bears won. Sorry for all you New England fans too. They totally should have had that. But now you can all cheer the Bears on in two weeks. Clearly, I've had a seriously uneventful day; I have nothing to talk about. I had beer during the game though, and so far, nothing bad has happened to me. I didn't fall over in a drunken stupor after one beer, and last I checked, all of my appendages are still attached. Alright, score one for Caroline. And that is just about it for today. I don't have any hospital or clinic trips this whole week. No drugs, no fun with nurses and needles, nothing. Whatever will I do with myself? I am supremely confident I will find awesome things to keep me occupied. There's a city down the street, and it's calling my name. Caroline's Cancerific Adventures in Chicago: look for the movie in upcoming months. Or at least pictures. Hokay, I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday. I'll think of all ya'll at school or work while I'm at yoga and the gym in the morning and then bumming around the rest of the day. heh heh. Peace out homeys.


kev-kev said...

beer AND football? sounds like a lovely sunday to me, im glad to hear you're feeling good enough to do yoga and drink alcohol, you gots my respect...and i shall call you soon so be ready

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Hi. I am at work and I get to read your b(log) because I have the sickest job EVAR...expect a call from me SOON, and by soon, I mean after Wednesday because that's when Chinese stops kicking me in the bum.