Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm not pregnant!

And I won't become so for at least the next seven months. Why, you ask? No, no, I haven't taken a vow of absolute celibacy no matter who brings sexyback into my life. Today, I started taking birth control pills. And no, the doctors aren't worried about me having ridiculous amounts of unprotected sex. Rather, they are concerned with the amount of blood I would be losing due to having my period. And seeing as how I received 5 packs of blood two weeks ago in Boston and receiving 2 more again today, I also feel it is in my best interest to try and keep as much of that red stuff in me as possible. So I'm officially on the pill. Somewhere in our country a member of the Christian Coalition just died. Hoo-rah. In other news, I do NOT have the Epstein-Barr virus. The doctors retested me, and the results came back negative. This means that tomorrow morning, bright and shining early, I begin my chemotherapy sessions. I am taking so many bloody drugs tomorrow. Aside: the actor who plays Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter movie Prisoner of Azkaban bears a striking resemblance to my ex from BU. That's disturbing on quite a few different levels. Anyway. So drugs tomorrow. I am weirdly excited because this means that I am one step closer to being better and back in Boston. I miss Boston and all my friends. And I really miss the freedom to be able to walk around a city on my own with little or no regard for my own personal safety, just the confidence in myself and the joy of knowing that I am doing exactly what I want. BU peeps know this to be true, and Culver peeps should know why I feel this way. It's hard as hell to be contained for four years, and then to finally be able to do what you want, go where you want whenever, only to have that all taken away from you. I'm not an indoors person. I am struggling with this whole, "Okay Caroline, no more outside for you." Today is my sixth day in here, and I have at least 22 more. But I'm trying. I get to bike on a seated bike... It's better than nothing. Otherwise, I read. I guitar. I really don't Internets or TV too much. Some vague belief about losing my ability to think by staring at a screen. Or something like that. But anyway, I must contradict myself here and return to my Harry Potter flick. Mmm, underage wizards.


Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Holy Shit. He does look like Peter Pettigrew. What the fuck.

Also, it occurred to me as I was eating dinner in Towers' basement that if you were trying to call me back, you probably couldn't because I got no reception. So, yeah. Call me back if you need to. Otherwise, just know that I'm gonna be all up in the FreeP's face on Thursday, bargaining with their fulltime secretary to get you your seven dollars. Because I love you enough to make awkward phonecalls to Matt Negrin.

Jon Seitz said...

Awesome, Periods are fucking gross.

That Epstein-Barr Virus is sneaky little fucker.

Baps said...

whoa...really? That pettigrew guys looks kinda old...you've always had such good taste in men...haha. Anyways, glad that we can see some exciting developments...no unintended buns in the oven, and freedom to have lots of unprotected sex...because that's so the type of person you are! YESSSSS! I will see you soon...I MEAN it! :)