Sunday, May 27, 2007

I think it's time for another photog!

Yes, dear friends, it is officially cicada season in the suburbs. They are coming out of the ground, shedding their exoskeletons, and flying around like they own the place. Once shed, they are blue-bodied, red-eyed, and shiny-winged. They are also tremendously noisy. I swear, everything happened so fast while I was in the hospital. When I left home on Wednesday, the cicadas were just starting to show themselves. Now, they are everywhere, and more keep coming. Their little shells accumulate on the sides of buildings, on the trees, on the patio; there is no escaping the 17-year plague. It's a good time. If nothing else, they make for interesting photo subjects.

Speaking of everything moving at warp speed, it only took about four days for my tastebuds to be annihilated by the chemo demon. I have reached the point where water tastes funny. I had ice cream for dinner, and even that tasted not so good. I don't remember how long it took for my appetite to return to normal the first time I went through this, but hopefully this won't last too long. One thing my nurse cautioned me against was comparing this cycle with my first month of chemo. In terms of drugs, the cycles are the same, but there is no guarantee at all that my body will react the same way. So I guess I'm just biding my time, waiting to see how things turn out. She also told me that, hopefully, I won't become as neutropenic this time, which would be nice. I am looking forward to enjoying some fun lakefront activities downtown without having to worry about catching anyone else's germies. Otherwise, that's about it from here. Oh, this is the first major holiday that I haven't been in the hospital, which is also exciting. I missed Christmas and Easter, but Memorial Day, here I come. So that's worth celebrating at least. Alright, well enjoy Monday, and look for more pictures of creepy little bugs. Peace.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

You have no idea how excited I am for pictures of creepy little bugs.

(Actually, you probably have a little bit of an idea. Still. I am stoked.)