Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And the moral of today's story is:

Do not walk umpteen miles in a city wearing sandals unless you are prepared for dirty feet. That is moral number 1. Moral number 2 is that Corn Pops are quite possibly the best cereal ever. Those two statements just about sum up my day. I will, however, elaborate.

Today, I ventured downtown, via train, for my weekly young adult cancer group meeting. I had some time to kill before group, so I took a trip to what is known as "Old Town." It's basically a slightly more upscale part of Chicago that used to be factories and old businesses and such. Now there are mostly nice restaurants and boutique-y shops. It was nice to just be able to walk around outside. Since the weather was so nice, and I was feeling sprightly, I decided I should walk back down the street to Gilda's Club. It couldn't have been more than a mile or two away, but by the time I got to Gilda's, my body was like, "Caroline, stop walking! You can't just think you can walk like that when you've been in the hospital and haven't done anything physical in a substantial amount of time." And you know what? My body is right. But that doesn't mean I listen to it. After group, I walked over to Millennium Park, which was probably another mile and a half. By this point, I'm pretty sure my calves were beginning to cramp up. (In retrospect, I was probably also somewhat dehydrated. meh.) But it was all worth it. I had a good, solid walk around the city, and hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. I really, really do love Chicago. I am especially fascinated with Millennium Park, where the infamous "Bean" is located. I could sit there for hours watching the people take pictures of their reflections. But that's just me.

So, my feet were pretty dirty, but I have since scrubbed them clean, and now my feet are pretty happy. And the Corn Pops quelled my accumulated hunger, for now. I hope everyone else's day was as fulfilling as mine was. Tomorrow, I plan on not doing anything, recuperating from today. Because I can. Haha. Pax.


J-Glass said...

corn pops are amazing. too bad i only eat them when one of the dining halls has them...

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Silly Caroline, silly walking to Old Town. I am assuming that you did not get lost this time.

And, for the record: i also love Corn Pops.

PS: Call me sometime after 5PM my time and I will tell you funny stories about how my life is a huge NorCal soap opera, and you can laugh. Like seriously, it is bad, Paloma said she was going to give me her trashy tinfoil crown of ridiculousness because I had surpassed her.