Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nothing terribly interesting.

Dear aspiring writers,
Never begin anything by saying that it won't be an interesting read. Even if what you have written is horribly boring, do not tell your reader that in the first sentence. Come up with something witty and droll to make them want to continue reading. And then the joke is on them when they do continue reading, only to find out that what you have written is neither witty nor droll. But by that point, the reader has no choice but to finish your writing, having already made the decision to continue past the first paragraph.

And so, we move on to paragraph two. It is midnight in Chicago. I had a latte an hour ago, so I am wide awake and ready to go. Nowhere. But it was still a worthwhile latte. Please, let me share with you my evening's anecdote and resultant musings. I went to a Caribou Coffee in a nearby town. While I was there, enjoying my steamed milk and espresso beverage, four high school-age kids came in and sat down right in front of me. I'd say they were about 16, given that some were driving themselves home, and the others were getting picked up. They were rather loud, rather vacuous, and more than slightly boring. Anyway, it occurred to me that I could not identify with these kids at all. I can't really even empathize with them because when I was 15 or 16, my life was completely different from theirs. And I have become so different from the person I was five years ago. It was just sort of a reality check. I don't feel like a teenager anymore. Partly because of the cancer, but mostly because I've experienced so much more of life. Everything I've done and gone through the past five years has made me so strong. I wouldn't be able to get through all this treatment if I hadn't grown up the way I did. So, I don't know, I hope those kids I saw in the coffee shop will grow up and be able to face head-on the challenges life throws at them. I'm sure they will, and I'm just being harsh. Hahaha, but that's what I do. Anyway, I'm checking out for tonight. Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy Saturday. Peace.


Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Self-abasing irony and judgmental harshness. I like it.

In other news, I am dreading my return to Boston a) because it is snowing and b) because I will be using that damn computer that does not allow me to comment on your life. Lame-O.

Caroline said...

that's ka-blamo!

Jessica said...

I always find you witty and droll.

and...silly bitches. teenagers are a way opposite to the "let me redecorate your house and tell you how great you look in those pants!" kind of gay...or the "I'm attracted to the same sex" kind of gay....either of which I am a big fan.....teenagers not so much?
Best incoherent rant ever!
i'm confused