Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I rock the technology world.

So, in an attempt to incorporate more and varied types of media to my blog, I have figured out how to add pictures. In that same vein, I have figured out how to upload lots of pictures to web albums. Web albums not on Facebook. So, for everyone who has ever wondered what all the hype is about, check out my photos!!!

In other news, it's windy outside. In more relevant news, I went for a bike ride both yesterday and today. I haven't done any cardiovascular activity in just about two months, owing to cold and sick and hospital stays. It felt good to be on the bike, but it was a slap in a face when I realized just how out of shape I have gotten. Granted, I pushed myself pretty hard, but I still have a very uphill road to pedal in the coming months. It's tough too because this coming Monday I'll be back in the hospital where all previous physical advancements are decimated by the extreme inactivity. Hopefully the room with the bike won't be off limits this next week though. And other than my sore thighs and calves, I feel absolutely great. Yesterday was 73 degrees, the day before was also warm and sunny. On Monday, Megan and I spent pretty much all day walking around The Art Institute of Chicago and the city itself. It was great. I had to sit down and rest a few times, particularly when we were looking at the paintings, but aside from that I survived the day with flying colors. I am really happy the way this session of chemo is turning out. No neutropenia, no debilitating side effects, and I can bike! So I am pleased.

Finally, I am going to visit Boston!!!! My doctor cleared it, and I booked my ticket today. The best part is I'll be there for the Boston Marathon. If ever I needed any extra motivation to get through all this, being in Boston with my friends as well as seeing world-famous and awesome runners will provide it. I will have no problem getting through the next four weeks because I have something huge to look forward to. And that's about it for me. Megan left this morning, leaving the house a little sadder and a lot quieter. I'm looking forward to resting up before the hospital, as well as fattening up before the hospital. (Their food is horrendous.) Oh, and spring is in one week. So, it's going to be good times ahead. Pax.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

You DO rock the technology world! Keep up with all this multimedia junk--it is teh awesome.

Also, my dad says are original Irish name was Early and one of the reasons we fled to the west coast was that one of the young Early sisters married a German *gasp* with the name Steffen. Ah, family history.