Thursday, March 1, 2007

First day of meteorological spring!

And despite that fact, it's raining and snowing and cold here in the Chi-town. Now, I'm not grumpy by nature. But there are some times (namely now) when it gets difficult to even want to move. Or maybe I'm just using the weather as my excuse for being a lump. These past few days I started a new book (Camus' The Plague), I watched some bad television, I took a few accidental two-hour naps, you know, I lumped. I guess it's not that bad though. I consider it resting up for the onslaught of chemo that is scheduled to start this coming week. Woo. In other news, I noted a few days ago that I had lost my appetite and wasn't really eating. I actually lost about 5 pounds in that period, although I think a lot of it was water weight. Anyway, so my appetite is completely back. In fact, I am pretty sure my body is trying to make up for lost time and is therefore eating everything it can, all the time. Now, for instance, I just ate a ton of goat cheese spread on various carbohydrate items. It was delicious. But so the moral of this story is: 1 - that my body enjoys messing with my head, and 2 - no chemo is going to stop Me from eating. Everything and all the time.

That's about it from me for now. Thank God it's Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday and lots of fun will be had. To all my friends at school, enjoy your last weekend before spring break. The year's counting down for you guys. Rock on. And to everyone else not at BU, rock on anyway. Peace out.

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