Saturday, March 3, 2007

Another exciting day.

There isn't too much going on with me right now, so I really don't have any good updates. My blood counts are pretty much back to cancer-normal, my appetite's back, I am decently warm, etc. My very good friend from Canada actually came and visited me these past two days, which was awesome. I did more on Thursday and Friday than I have in a long time. We spent pretty much all day yesterday in downtown Chicago, braving the snow and the wind and checking out the Bean. It was a ton of fun. And it just goes to show that in reality, cancer's got nothing on me. So woo.

Otherwise, I am resting and eating as much as I can today and tomorrow. For on Monday, I am being readmitted to the hospital. Thankfully, it will only be for three or four days this time. This next six-week session of chemo involves me going to the hospital every two weeks. To my knowledge, they're having me inpatient because every two weeks they're going to give me a large dose of chemotherapy in my spinal column, a spinal tap, and they need to monitor me and give me various pills throughout my time there. I'll have better and more information once I'm actually admitted to the hospital. I wonder if they'll give me the same room? Probably not, but you never know. So that's what's up here. Still holding out hope that spring will come, although Mother Nature seems bent on postponing it. Oh well. I don't think too many people read this on the weekends, but for those who do, enjoy the rest of it! I know I will, with lots of food and laziness. Mmmm. Hokay, Pax.

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Jessica said...

Holy crap! I did more in those two days than I've done in months! We packed it in, let me tell you....I have to tell you that I'm so glad to see that you are doing so well, and you look so good! I decided that Chicago is my friend-- I'm definately coming back for my b-day and we will once again rock out in the windy city.
Peace love and all that jazz