Wednesday, February 21, 2007

19 minutes until "Lost...." Quick post

So, apparently I'm dumb. I spent the past two weeks thinking that today, Wednesday, was the day I had to go in for my third asparaginase shot. Turns out, I was supposed to have gone in yesterday. Cool. It ended up not being a big deal though. They squeezed me in at the clinic and no lasting harm done. Although, the nurses messed up my lab orders and ended up drawing a whole lot of blood that they didn't need. Oh well. I've been feeling much better these past few days. I had been feeling like week-old porridge. But the nausea's mostly gone, as is my headache. My doctor told me though to tell her immediately if I ever get "the worst headache of [my] life." If that happens, there could potentially be bleeding in my brain, which would be not so good. I have also found myself taking daily naps. I guess the ten hours of sleep I get at night just isn't enough. I used to feel guilty about it, but now I've realized, why not? I mean, there will pretty much be no other time in my life when I can sleep nine, ten hours at night and also get a two-hour nap in the day. Hahaha. Now, I know you really wish you were me.

In other news, I think I might go to an open-mic tomorrow night. I'm still immuno-suppressed, so it might not be the best idea, but my counts are much higher now. I think I'll probably end up going. The issue will be in whether I balls up and perform something. We'll see. And otherwise, that's about it for me. I have a biopsy next Tuesday, and then the Monday after that I start my third session of chemo. It's six weeks long and involves some hospital stays, so I'm not particularly excited about it. But I guess I just have to make the most of the next week and a half. Alrightly, pax for tonight.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

When will you not be immuno-suppressed or neutropreggers or that thing that means you can't be around people with germs? Because I just got sick, like today. What if it doesn't go away by the 10th? Should I just not visit you? How does it work, how does it work, what should I do, ship me your mask and gloves so i won't get any more germs.