Friday, December 15, 2006


I got drugged today. The good kind, not the creepy-guy, put in your drink kind. Morphine and valium-related goodness. And then they threaded a tube into me. Starting at the neck, then into my vein, and back out again. Hoorah. It was the weirdest thing when they gave me the anesthesia. I felt like I was high, only without the pot. I wanted to laugh. Also, there was this thing above me, and I asked the doctor, "Is this thing supposed to be moving?" Because, seriously, it was. Just sort of shifting around a bit. Hahahaha, I told the doctor, "This is why I'm never doing acid." He said something; I don't remember what. Anyway, the long and short of it is that there's a tube in me, and I had my first experience with hallucinogenic hospital drugs. I'm sort of hoping they'll give me morphine for the extreme pain in my neck right now, but I'm not going to push that. The really funny thing is the number of people who have seen my chest. I, who have always been over-protective of my body, am now a thing to be poked, prodded, drained, and sewn back together. Awesome. I'm flaming exhausted right now though, so I'm going to see if I can't squeeze in a nap. They're doing a heart scan (insert technical term here) later, and I think a CAT scan as well. This is all so intense. I've become a weird combination of bitter and empty. I really don't know how to feel about all this.


Justin said...

Wouldn't that be weird if hospitals really used acid for anesthesia? That would be cool.

Good luck on your all your CAT scans and stuff. I've heard if you listen close, you can hear the ocean.

I was telling Katie about your blog, now she thinks I have a thing for you.

Imagining your tubey and sewn up chest,


ps. ever play the game Super Mario World? When you warp into Star World, and you get all the way around, you get into the "Special" area, and one of the levels is called "Tubular".

"Right on!" - Super Punch Out

Simon Raymond said...

Hi Caroline it's me Simon Raymond and I just wanted to tell you how I feel about this(terrible) and I wanted to let you know that everyone down here is supporting you and we hope you get better soon.

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

So. Gross.

::twitches and grabs neck::

I feel like I never even got to see your chest. I feel left out of the circle of trust.

Also, I don't think you should ever do shrooms either.

PS I'm delirious and I miss you and apparently I'm going to celebrate Channukah (or as my mom spelled in her email to Andy "Hannakah")? What?

PPS: Justin totally has a thing for you. Don't be fooled by his seemingly platonic comments. He wants to be all up in your catheter, RIGHT NOW.

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

PPPS: You should call me sometime when you are not sleeping and right now someone is singing horribly in the third floor shower and it is echoing up the dumbwaiter shaft into the sex closet really awkwardly. They are really bad at singing. But they are trying really hard?

Caroline said...

Am I allowed to comment on my own blog? We're going to say yes. Dude Megan, seriously, who wouldn't want to be all up in my catheter? Your mom is cute. She's trying to make things less awkward for Andy. aww. Good luck with that; I can't wait to hear how those 8 crazy nights go. And Justin: I've known you had a thing for me since the day you started dating girls who weren't me. You were just trying to hide it. I forgive you.

Justin said...

Gosh, Caroline. It took me over a year to finally weasel my way into getting your phone number, and then you had to go and get involved with all this stuff. That's so insensitive. Maybe I should be the one forgiving you.

azia said...

I know exactly how those drugs make u feel... just tickled me pink