Friday, December 15, 2006

Contemplations of a curious quality.

Sweet. 32 people have looked at my profile. About half of them have been me. Sigh. I fear that my words aren't reaching the audience they should be. The numbers are just too low. I wonder, should I hire a lobbyist? He or she would get my message out to the masses. All things to think about. Perhaps I should post a Facebook flier. Oh Wait! I can't get on to Facebook here! It's blocked. I cried a little when I saw that. Just a little. And then I continued to blog. One of the numerous nurses just brought me a little booklet called "Chemotherapy and You: A guide to self-help during cancer treatment." I'm actually not quite sure how I feel about it... I feel like the best thing for me would be to be around people my age with cancer, not to try and deal with it by reading some gaily illustrated booklet (I use "gaily" in its rightful sense, that being happily, colorfully). But I have to go through the motions and try not to look too disdainfully at the social-workers whom I know are only trying to help. You know how when you get kicked in the stomach, your stomach hurts? Yeah, that's kind of how my neck feels right now. Sweet! Too bad I wasn't actually kicked in the neck. Because if I had been, I would have retaliated against my attacker, and he would have many worse problems than a sore neck. Sadly, that is not how things went down. But that is neither here nor there. I must prepare myself, mentally and physically, for the looming arrival of my family. Oh! Side note! There's a helicopter pad on the roof. One of the nurses said they take patients for rides... Holy crap, how sweet would that be? I'm going to work on it. Aight, peace my hommies.


Justin said...

Here's an idea. Hijack the helicopter and then spit into the blades. Then everyone will get cancer, too, so you can have some company. PLUS you'll be on national TV I'm sure, which will give your blog to advertising, PLUS, you'll have gotten to ride the chopper.

I know, I'm a genious.

ps. i love this little "word verification" thing.
Today's secret word is: geavp.

Megan Amanda Steffen said...

That's because people don't look at your profile, they look at your b-log because that's where all the action is going down.

Also: it would be totally sweet if you got to ride in a helicopter.

Also also: tnppbzmo

Also also also: Justin, it's "genius," you genious.

Caroline said...

I think, based on Justin's clearly and prior-established intelligence, he misspelled the word on purpose. I could, however, be wrong. It happens every so often. And if they think the action is going down in the b-log, shit son, they don't know what they're missing here. hm... bjwlge.

Justin said...

Caroline is indeed correct on this one; though, intelligence aside, I am a notoriously bad speller. Luckily, my web browser has a spell check. It did catch "genious," but I promptly ignored the squiggly red underline. TAKE THAT, COMPUTER. HA! YOU DONT KNOW ME. SCREW YOU!!


apparently not...