Sunday, July 15, 2007

My B. read the bottom post first.

I guess I shouldn't have blogged so early because I already have an update that can't wait until tomorrow. According to the doc, two new cultures have grown a different bacteria. I already knew about the gram-negative rod, but now they seem to have found gram-positive cocci! Hoorah! And the cocci (so-called because they are round) showed up in two different culture bottles, so they know it's for real. They think it is one of the many variants of staph. Now, I've gone on and on about how catheter sites are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, specifically staph infections. I was all uptight about keeping mine clean and dry and whatever. But now it's gone and gotten itself infected. The site doesn't look or feel infected, but I guess if the doctor says there's staph there, then, well, there must be staph there. So what this means for me: They are removing my line! That's right. Today (possibly tomorrow). The doctor is going to come in and literally pull it out of my chest. I am experiencing a variety of emotions right now. I thought I would be overjoyed when this day came. I sort of thought its removal would symbolize my completion of chemotherapy, but clearly that isn't happening. Also, I've had this thing hanging from me for seven months now. I've grown accustomed to seeing the bulge above my right collarbone, to occasionally poking it when I got bored, to cursing it when I wanted to wear a low-cut shirt. But hey, now I'll be able to shower!! I'll let everyone know how the extraction goes, don't worry. Also, there may be more updates as the day progresses. It's just that type of day. Peace out.


Megan said...

Dude. Well. Ok.

Just know that my OCD neck-thing throbs in sympathetic discomfort. Give me a call if you need to squirm vicariously through someone.

Andrew said...

I am mailing you a package of microscopic Bows. I envision that, upon subcutaneous injection, the Bows will fight with the semi-evil Staphs and convert them to good Staffs. The Bows and Staffs will join forces against the uber-evil Gram Negatives, which at first will be overwhelmingly powerful. But after some harrowing times, the Bows and Staffs will search out a gypsy mystic who will combine them into Bowstaff, Defender of Cells. Bowstaff and Gram Negative will enter into a final three-episode battle frought with cliffhangers and un-timely commercial breaks. After some close calls and nail-biting blows, Bowstaff, Defender of Cells will emerge victorious, destroying Gram Negative forever! And even better, it will be just in time to throw a dance party for Richard the Lioncell (and his White Blood Knights, who have all just returned from a crusade fighting Plaque in the Middle Teeth), who resumes his reign with a firm but kind hand, restoring peace and prosperity to all the glands.

Hi Caroline! I was told recently that I make a pretty mean whiskey and coke. I'm sort of hoping when you get back you can show me how to make something a little more exciting, and that we can drink our concoctions together before going to de-sign the esplanade.

Wishing you well,