Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I know what it is!

I have figured out why I have so many issues with the food here. Part of the problem is that it's mass-produced hospital food. But I've had dorm food for the past six years, so I should be generally used to it. The food's main deterrent for me is that everything is packed with sodium. Yesterday, I ordered oatmeal for breakfast thinking, "How can you mess up oatmeal?" There was so much salt in it I actually started gagging. I tried adding brown sugar to cancel it out, but oddly enough, that made the flavor worse. See, my family has never used salt in cooking. Well, we have never added salt -- many foods and marinades already have salt. So I can't stand added sodium. And now is not the time to try and force my taste buds to acquire a liking for salt. (Although I have a problematic passion for Baked Lays.) I am glad, though, that I solved that issue. (p.s., there might be a difference between sodium and salt, but I'm not sure and don't feel like researching the distinction. Thanks.)

I am stilling chilling out in my hospital room. My white blood cell count has bounded up to 0.3. The cells are growing, which is good, but they are being pokey, which is tedious. At least they have the right idea. I think all other counts are decent. I did some squats today to try and keep my legs in shape, and I didn't pass out, so that's exciting. Hoorah red blood. Ooh, also: I forgot to follow up on this. My doctor removed my catheter on Sunday. Correction: He yanked it out of my chest. He loosened it up a little around my collarbone, cut the sutures that were holding it in place, held onto the tubes with both hands, and pulled the tube with all of his strength. And out it came. I still have a bandage over the hole, but I think I'll be able to remove it tomorrow or Friday. I also kept the catheter, so don't worry, everyone will be able to get a good look. And no, it's not infectious. I checked. Now I just have an IV poking out of the top of my left hand, but it'll come out when I leave the hospital. Otherwise, just playing the Waiting Game, thinking happy white blood cell thoughts! and Happy Hump Day. Peace.


Megan said...

I am a big fan of the word "pokey" and I will be ok if I never see your catheter in real life ever again.

chicky said...

what in the world is a catheter? whatever it is, it doesn't sound pretty!
-julie c
ps bringing my gutair to the cottage. if overshined by tyler, will be okay in the long run :)