Thursday, May 24, 2007

mmmm, drugs.

So, before I become too brain-dead from staring at the TV, I suppose I had better provide the details of my happy day. I started the day by meeting my current team of doctors. The head doctor on the team also happens to be in charge of the study that I'm on. So she has heard a lot about me recently, especially given my complications with the Campath. It was nice to finally meet her. She is also friends with the doctor at Dana Farber in Boston who will be taking care of me in the fall. I guess what I'm trying to say is that she's the head honcho of this whole shindig, and she's a pretty good person to have around. How's that for mixed metaphors. Anyway, so here's something amusing... While the team was in my room, food service brought my breakfast. One of the doctors nearest the door took it and placed it outside the room. When he brought it back, and they left, I noticed something missing. Something very essential to my not getting scurvy. My orange was missing. My bagel, cereal, and tea were still all hanging out, but the round, mildly knobby citrus fruit I love so dearly was gone. Eventually my nurse came in and was like, "Yeah, your doctor took your orange. I guess they put you on a neutropenic diet." (Neutropenic diet: no fresh fruits or veggies, fast food, sushi, or unwashed food.) Anywhoo, it was irrationally upsetting to me that the doctor just took my orange. I mean, come on now. But oh well, what can you do.

And the more important news: I received three chemo drugs today: Vincristine, danorubicin, and cyclophosphamide. The last one is the worst; I know I've mentioned it before. It's the one that burns while it infuses. Today wasn't too bad though; I was chewing on ice chips that helped cool me down. Other than those, I've been on my hydro drip all day, so I have had a lot of fun bathroom time. Although sadly, having to pee all the time is not as much fun as it sounds. Otherwise, I've just bummed around. I am currently eating pudding and watching So You Think You Can Dance. Eating pudding and wishing I could still dance... haha, I'm in a great state of mind. Nah, I've come to terms with my total inflexibility and penchant for pudding. I'm just biding my time until I'm back to feeling healthy, and then I'm planning on starting dancing again. Otherwise, that is all. Less chemo tomorrow, hopefully no side effects - there were none today. Let's see how it goes! Pax.

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Megan Amanda Steffen said...

You should be playing online scrabble with me while I'm at work instead of watching that silly show.