Monday, February 12, 2007

Unfortunately, this installment will be lacking.

What exactly it will be lacking, I am not sure of. I am, however, sure that I don't have any exciting new updates on the war against drugs. I mean cancer. damnit, and typing that just reminded me that I have two pills I need to take, right now. Crap, I'll be back. And I'm back. I didn't choke on the horsepill, although the smaller one gave me some grief. Honestly, I am the worst person to have gotten cancer. There are so many things to remember. 5 pills in the morning, one of which I take at night too. And then there's the really big one that I only have to take three times a week, but that's twice a day as well. Not anymore, but when they were giving me one particular chemo drug, I had to put drops in my eyes every six hours. And I have to remember to flush my lines every other day... I'm a generally organized person, but that's because I absolutely have to be. My memory is actually terribly erratic. If my life was messy, I would be so lost all the time. I found some of my handwritten schedules I made for myself this past semester, and they were pretty much scripted to the hour. Haha, if I can't remember to take the nightly pill that will save me from getting pneumocystic pneumonia, God only knows what will happen when I enter the professional world and have deadlines and other people expecting things from me. Should be a good time.

Otherwise, that's about it. They transfused my blood and platelets yesterday. My nose is no longer bleeding like a faucet with a constant drip (when your platelets are low, your blood has trouble clotting, therefore wounds tend to stay open longer. Also a good time). And I don't get as dizzy when I stand up quickly. Basically, blood is a good thing. Every time you stand up without feeling your world start spinning and that blackness coming in around the edges of your vision, thank your normal blood counts. Mmm, there's nothing better than oxygen making it to the brain. Tomorrow I get another drug pushed into me, L-asparaginase. Chemo, kills cell, blah blah. I sort of psych myself out whenever I have to go to the clinic. I know nothing will happen, no side effects or reactions, but I still get anxious about going. I'm going to blame that on the chemo side-effects (anxiety is listed as a side-effect for some drugs). Haha. Or me being a wimp. Either way, I look forward to its being over. Snow is coming to Chicago, and I'm still on house arrest until my immune system gets back to relative-normal. (Incidentally, it's not really that bad. I drink too much hot chocolate and poke around a lot on the computer. I also wrote two new songs today, bringing my set list to about eleven songs. Sweet.) Well, hopefully this post wasn't as lacking as I initially thought it would be. I always seem to write more than I planned. Oh well. Happy Tuesday sad toad.


Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Happy Tuesday, Caroline!

Also: Your brother has promised to get my "ass krunked girl fo' real." I think I hear wedding bells.

Clarendon Hills said...

Caroline, look outside. It's Tuesday, and there is like a foot of snow. SNOW! We haven't had any in the past few years, so I hope you get immune enough to at least go make a snow angel.

David said...

are they all original songs

Caroline said...

haha, I only know how to play my own stuff. I know about 1.5 recognized songs, one of which is "Time of your life," which I don't think really counts.