Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I know, I know.

I'm blogging twice today. Sue me. I'm not becoming a slave to the blogosphere. I just have some updates since this morning. Calm down.

People came to visit me!!! Fantastically awesomely amazing friends from highschool whom I love so much, and I am so freaking happy that I got to see them. And Katie brought me a coloring book! I never would have thought so, but it made me really excited. So pretty much, today was awesome. It was so good to see them. Today was the best I've felt since my last night in Boston. Thank God for friends. Yay.

So mentality update: I'm okay with my hair now. It was pretty much just the first handful I grabbed that freaked me right out. But I've reconciled myself to it. I also cut my own hair today and giggled like a school girl the whole time. It's super short right now. I'll post some short-hair Caroline pictures when I upload them. They make me excited. But probably tomorrow or the next day they're going to buzz me. And that's cool. It's an adventure. It just took me a little time to accept. But I'm there now, with a little help from my friends as well. Because obviously, poop is the new uggs. Classic.

Finally: there has been some concern expressed by a certain rhetorician that I tend to forget my purpose in writing this (b)log. I would like to publicly retort by saying that everything I think at all times does not revolve around the fact that I have cancer. So, if anyone has a problem with my occasionally throwing in random bits of non-cancer Caroline, please, really, let me know. Otherwise, you're going to get it. Some of it. Maybe more on days when I don't have much to say about the hospital. That is all. I hope everyone recovered from New Years nicely. As it is, goodnight from heah!

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Baps said...

I'm glad mickey and friends in 24 potentially fantastic colors helped bring some cheer to you :). I have more coming your way...but realized when I got in the elevator that I STILL forgot to get your address...maybe it's on Culver Connect? blah....anyways, I'm here for you always, 1800 mile plane rides don't keep me away!

And on the blog content...I lovvvvveee non-cancer Caroline, so please don't silence her. (Of course I enjoy cancer content Caroline too...though enjoy seems like totally the wrong word...you know what I mean though...)

I want to come back and see you already!