Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apparently I have a lisp?

For all you loyal readers who have ever wondered what I actually sound like in person (and didn't hear the Globe audio), I was on the radio today, and the convo was posted online! Like I mentioned a few days ago, I participated in a Radio/Telethon fundraiser for Dana-Farber earlier today. It is an awesome two day event that raises a ton of money for Dana-Farber and The Jimmy Fund. Sadly, I was not on TV. A few sports bigwigs received that honor this afternoon, but I was still interviewed for the radio. It was pretty exciting even if it was only 7 minutes long.

Anyway, so, I am posting the link for everyone to click on and proceed to laugh at my lisp (gross) as well as my routinely idiotic comments about life. Haha, whatever, I think it's hilarious. That's about it for now. I got chemo yesterday, woke up for work at 5 this morning terrifically nauseous, and wandered around BU most of the afternoon with my camera. So much for resting. I also got antibiotics and an inhaler from my doctor yesterday, so the sickness of death will soon be no more. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, and, I don't know, enjoy life. K, thanks. Pax.

Caroline on the Radio, online!


Megan/Yuping said...

Inhalers are hot.

Kamille said...

Hi Caroline,

I am wondering how can I contact you and your email address?

Thank you said...

Caroline, You are another rock star in my book. I saw your stroy in the Cancer Guide. Keep the faith and may God richly bless you. Mark Lopshire, Director, Mountain States Tumor Institute, Twin Falls, ID (PS - I recieved my M.Ed. from BU in 1980!)