Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The pros and cons of being bald.

Con: Your head gets really hot, and, yes, I'll admit it, sweaty, when it's hot outside.
Pro: Your head is super easy to wipe down when it gets all sweaty.

Con: No sun-bleached locks.
Pro: No shampooing and conditioning.

Con: Your head gets really shiny when it is hot. sweaty. clean. cold. bored. tired. morning.
Pro: You can wear a hat.

Con: If you have never been bald before, you have a higher risk of sunburn on the top of your head.
Pro: Once your hair grows back, no one will be able to see the freckles and sunspots.

Con: Self-image is temporarily affected.
Pro: When being treated like dirt at a store or on the road, a swift removal of hat or scarf and an angry face serve to make everyone feel guilty and apologetic. Throw in a hacking cough and you're golden.

I think my hair might be starting to grow back. It might also be wishful thinking on my part. I guess I miss my hair; I certainly think about it a lot. But really, I wouldn't mind being bald for a little bit if there wasn't such a stigma attached to it. And yes, in the Midwest, in suburban Chicago, there is a stigma. At a barbeque I went to a while ago, a girl there was talking about her friend who got "a boy haircut." And trust me, the way she said it, her friend had made the worst decision in terms of her personal appearance. I think that if I was in a big city like New York, California, or maybe even downtown Chicago, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But out here in the suburbs, we don't tolerate that kind of crazy behavior. Shaving your head. My goodness, what is the world coming to. So my hair is coming back, although for now I'm still a rebel with or without a cause. Enjoy your tomorrows. Pax.


chicky said...

it would be kinda hard for me to go bald...i would miss my hair too much!
julie c

Megan said...

I am imagining you coughing all over that girl. Hahahahaha.

And no one cares what you do with your hair in California--or at least, the people that do don't matter and everyone knows it. We are a little bit more understanding of free expression using personal appearance/physical consequences of medical treatment. Grow up, suburban midwest.

kev-kev said...

im thinking about just shaving my head. but the fact that my head is gi-fuckin-normous stops me from commiting such an act. when you hair grows back can you do an actual mohawk rather than a fauhawk and dye it purple and green or something?? that would be hardc0r3z

Jon Seitz said...

You know, I was actually thinking about shaving my head all the way down, but the risk of sunburn was what convinced me not to.

I should say that, I've found that my head doesn't get nearly as hot as it would if I had longer hair. Maybe that's just me though.