Sunday, July 1, 2007

A small nugget

The past few days have been good days for me. Productive, but not overly so; tiring, but not to the point of exhaustion; fun, but nothing particularly worth mentioning. In short, they have been normal days. The only thing notable is that my catheter site has started oozing again. As with the last time this happened, I think it is because of the heat. For the newcomers to my account of life with cancer, my catheter is a white tube that was inserted under my skin and goes over my collarbone and ends somewhere in my chest cavity, lurking above my heart. I get chemo pushed into it and blood drawn from it. What it means, though, is that there is a small hole about three inches to the left of my right armpit. When my body overheats, strange, gross ooze tends to find its way out of the hole. This is bad because no moisture is supposed to be near the site. Moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn could easily enter my body and do very, very bad things to me. So, hopefully tomorrow I will figure out the ooze situation.

Because... Tomorrow is when I start up chemo again. I am NOT looking forward to this, but the sooner it's over, then, well, the sooner it's over, I suppose. I purposely ate a lot and delicious food today, knowing that for the next two weeks-ish, I will not really want to eat. Good times. If I'm semi-conscious, I will be sure to update tomorrow evening with how the various procedures and drug administrations went. 'Till then, adieu.

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