Thursday, July 12, 2007

Currently listening to: Hambone's Blues Party

My jazz station features this guy, Hambone, and his blues party at least once a week. I really enjoy both the music and the deejay. A few weeks ago he was talking about how he took his daughter to Boston to look at some schools. And then he started talking about how they decided to go to a ska concert. At the Middle East. I was like, "awesome." He was going on about how he started "skanking" (really intense ska-music dancing. I think people usually end up hurt) with a bunch of college kids, and I could just see it. Crazy fifty-year old Chicago male, transplanted to a Boston ska concert at the Middle East. I was a wee bit jealous, even if I've never been to a ska concert. Although, I don't know, does Cake count?

So, I have decided the worst part of having leukemia. I think, after seven months, that I have done enough "research" to speak with certainty. The worst part is the lack of blood, both red and white cells. To my knowledge, I have been running out of blood cells for at least a year now. I actually came across a journal entry from June 2006 in which I wrote that I was getting worried by the number and severity of bruises all over me. So, even one year ago, my platelets were dangerously low. Although I had no idea at the time that's what it was; I thought I was just anemic. My red blood cells were probably unhealthily low as well, but my body had adapted to having so few cells so I hardly noticed it. But now, I know what it's like to have a relatively normal blood count level. And right now, my red blood cells are getting too low again. I can't walk (jump...) up six stairs without my heart pounding like a maniac. And when I stand up, I get these super cool black-outs. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get a blood transfusion tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. But either way, I think having blood and not having to worry about it mysteriously disappearing is what I am looking forward to the most when this treatment is finished. I can't wait to be able to run again, to be able to jump out of my chair without needing to grab on to something solid for balance. Good things to look forward to. And now, I'm looking forward to some sleep. Pax.


Megan said...


Have you seriously never been to a ska show?! Have you never skanked?! I don't believe it! That was how I spent my pre-pubescent years. The band geeks at my high school had a ska band called "Boston Auto" and their hit song was "Monkey in a Tux." It had the sickest baritone-sax bass line ever. I'll try and dig up their CD (although it probably is unreadable by now).

Last time I brought someone to the Phoenix (theatre in my hometown where we had shows) she got a concussion from skanking to the band whose frontman played the violin. We put ice in a latex glove and tried to bring down the swelling before dancing again. It was pretty awesome.

hambone said...

Thanks for commenting about my radio show and my story about going to Boston.

Good luck.