Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I enjoy unnecessary risks. Sometimes.

For instance: I had a Quizno's sub for dinner. Given my current state of cells, this technically is a no-no. But it was delicious, and I'm pretty sure there was no food poisoning or bacteria clinging to the little chicken pieces. And, erring on the side of caution, there has been a slight change of my plans. I am now waiting to be transfered back to the University of Chicago. There are a few reasons I'm waiting for a transfer. Mostly, it's just that I would feel more comfortable at a hospital where the nurses are used to dealing with patients with leukemia. This hospital is great, but it's a great, suburban hospital. It's completely different from U of C, which is a teaching hospital where cancers like leukemia are routinely studied and treated. I mean, the treatment plan that I am on was developed by researchers at the University. So I'm waiting for a bed at U of C. The most exciting part is that I will be transported there by hospital means. I don't think I'll get the helicopter (tear), but I'm thinking an ambulance is in the works. We'll see what happens with that; I'll be sure to include all the details of my move. That's about it for me today. I am still getting a powerful antibiotic every six hours, and my blood cultures have all been negative. Apparently sometimes the doctors never find the source of an infection, and it just passes. I'm hoping that's what happens with me. I guess I'll head to bed now, see how the sleep thing goes tonight. Have a happy hump day! Peace.


Megan Amanda Steffen said...

Mmmmmmm I love me some quizno's.

I am happy that you are going back to U of C. That is a good decision in my opinion. Also, i hope you get to take an ambulance because then you could look at the EMT's wearing their masks and stuff and pretend that they are Andy? Maybe? They have to wear masks, right?

Caroline said...

HAHAHAHAH. Spectacular.

kev-kev said...

when you said "im going to transfer to University of Chicago" my heart dropped, and then i realized that im a fucking idiot

also, does anyone else miss those weird-ass creatures in those quizno's commercials, "EAAAT QUIIIIZNOOOOO'S SUUUUUBS....THEY'VE GOT A PEPPER BAAAAAHHHRRRRRRRR!"


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

It's not fun when you can see that I've removed posts to edit them. Anyway...

Ambulances are fun. You should make sure they have a pillow for you, though. That is very important--I cannot stress it enough. If they try to load you on their stretcher without one, grab the one from your bed. (Do you have one on your bed? I hope so.)

Also, if you pretend you're a small scared child, or pretend you have the mental capacity of a small scared child, or just tell them that you like small fuzzy stuffed animals, you might be able to score a small fuzzy stuffed animal. Some ambulances stock these for small scared children. Just make sure they think you think you're a small scared girl, and not a small scared boy, because if they think you're a boy you'll get a die-cast fire truck, and those are just no good to cuddle with. Throw at siblings, yes, but cuddle, most resoundingly No.