Sunday, February 4, 2007

It's raining on Sunday.

And it's raining in Miami on the Bears right now. Whatever. I went to a Super Bowl party. I currently have a headache from the diet coke and beer, but hopefully no other lasting effects on my system. Aside from that, nothing is going on here. Absolutely nothing. I feel fine. No nausea, fatigue, side-effects, etc, etc that they say should come with the chemo. Great. Grand. Fantastic. What good is feeling good if I can't go anywhere? I'm trying to stay occupied, but it's hard when you really can't go outside for long periods of time, and I'm not allowed to drive anywhere by myself. I guess I can take a class just for fun, for something to do, to keep my mind occupied. But I'm killing myself for lack of human-my-age contact. And I am so painfully awkward when it comes to meeting new people that that's never a good situation for anyone to be in. But anyway. Hey everyone, it's let's listen to Caroline gripe hour! Okay! No. No, not at all. It's flaming cold here in Chicago, but it's sunny and that's exciting. We're moving into the second week of February, which means only about three and a half left. Um. I don't have to go back to the clinic for any chemo for another week, and again, there have been no side-effects pretty much at all from the "intensification." So there are things to smile about. And even if none of them paid any attention to me tonight, I at least got to look at cute boys my age for a while. As they all got significantly sloppier, which is also never a good situation to be in, especially as they all have class tomorrow. ha ha. But anyway. So, hopefully this week will be a good one. It should be. hokay, goodnight for now. Also hopefully the Bears fans' devastation will be subdued in a few days. Until then, send happy thoughts Chicago-ward. And peace.

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Dave H said...

WTF does PAX mean?